of Palais Maeterlinck

The property was acquired by the Belgian Nobel Prize winner and poet, Count Maurice Maeterlinck in 1940.

Fate soon intervened and he was forced to flee to the United States through Lisbon where he had escaped following the Nazi invasion of both Belgium and France, leaving his beloved home behind him.

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  • Maurice Maeterlinck

    I knew that if I was captured by the Germans I would be shot at once, since I have always been considered as an enemy of Germany because of my play, The Mayor of Stilmonde, which dealt with the conditions in Belgium during the German Occupation of 1918.

    He finally returned to Nice after the war on 10 August 1947. He was President of PEN International, which is now in formal relations with UNESCO, and a member of the worldwide association of writers from 1947 until 1949.

    In 1948, the French Academy awarded him the Medal for the French Language.

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  • A loving restoration

    The gate which stood at the entrance to Maurice Maeterlink’s winter garden, is just one of many beautiful original features on the grounds.

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  • Built on
    a strong history

    Many of the features of the old Palais Maeterlinck building have been lovingly renovated, combining todays modern construction techniques with the strength and characteristic features of the original building.

    It is the best of both worlds.

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  • Palais Maeterlinck now

    In 2012 Palais Maeterlinck was acquired by visionary Czech billionaire Radovan Vitek and his International company CPI.

    It was Vitek’s intention to transform this iconic building into some of world’s most exclusive homes.

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